Stethoscope Charm- heart, brain, bone

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The most beautiful stethoscope charm you've ever seen! The whole set comes with a warm grey velvet box, which is perfect as a gift.
The charm includes a ring and a pendant. 
The pendant is made through an elaborate process that presents both the hand-drawn texture and the colored lumps simultaneously. The design is too special to be found in other places.
The pendant is easy to attach and remove to the ring with a buckle on the top. You can also use it as a keyring or a zipper decor on bags or clothes.
The charm doesn’t interfere with auscultation if using it as a stethscope charm.

The ring- high quality pure red copper with gold-plated
The pendant- zinc alloy with gold-plated

The ring- diameter 1.5cm, height 1cm
The pendant- 3cm from top to buttom

Customization & production time:
You can choose to add a name with laser engraving on the ring. The width for engraving is about 1cm in width. We'll adjust your words to fit the printable space. Please leave a note with the name you want to add when ordering.
Production time takes about 7 business days, shipping time not included.

Noncustomized piece will be shipped on the next business day after your order.

Installation: Simply push the ring gap onto your stethoscope.

Because the air contains moisture and acidic substances, it is best to store the charm in the box when it is not worn. Usually, you can apply a little Vaseline , so that the permanent oil film can effectively isolate the air.
Hand perspiration contains salt that will accelerate the oxidation of metals. It's better to wipe the surface after touching it. Remove the salt and moisture and then add oil film protection, otherwise sweat has always been the enemy of metal.
The most common blackening and atomization of general accessories can be improved by silver wiping cloth.

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