Lumbar Vertebrae Phone Case

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Available for almost any brands of phones, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, ASUS, etc.

If you want to buy for iPhone, please choose "iPhone" and leave a message to me about your model, like iPhone 6S, iPhone 8 plus, or iPhone XR, etc.
If you want to buy for other brands, you can choose "other" and leave a message about your model.

We produce phone cases for more than 95% of brands on the smartphone market Please ask if you have additional questions!

Materials: This phone case is made of upgraded soft silicon, which is easy to install, easy to take off, and won't turn yellow for a long time. We have cushion bars on each side of the phone case to improve the protective ability for the iPhone and many other brands. (Some brands may not have cushion bars. Please ask if you care about this very much.)

Customization: To make it an unique gift, you can add receiver's name on it. Choose "add a name" and leave message. We may adjust the font size according to the number of characters.

Shipping Duration: All phone cases are print-on-demand. It takes about one week to print and 2 weeks to ship to western countries. In your country, the order will be delivered by your local post office. If you don't receive anything 14 days after shipping day (usually because no one is at home when a mailman visits), please contact your local post office asap, where your package will be stored for a while. Leaving your package in a post office for too long will cause the package to be returned to the original shipper. Should that happen, you'll have to pay for returning shipping fee and can choose to resend with additional shipping fee, or to refund for non-customized order but  shipping fee will be deducted. 

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