X Ray Glass Phone Case-Heart

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Please leave a message about your model after ordering, like iPhone 8 plus, or iPhone 11 pro max, etc.

Materials: The back of the phone case is tempered glass. Its polished, scratch-resistant surface presents the picture perfectly. The thickness of the case is a bit higher than the camera lens which can also protect the camera. The black border is soft plastic which makes installation and removal easy.

Note: Please be gentle when removing the case to prevent damage to the frame. The best way to remove the case is by peeling it from one of the corners.

The picture is printed on the inner surface of the glass. Print on the case is resistant to scratches.
There are holes on the frame for cell phone charms.

Customization: To make it a unique gift, you can add the receiver's name on it. Choose "add a name" and leave a message. We may adjust the font size according to the number of characters.

To clean the phone case, we suggest using an eraser, water, or alcohol.

Shipping Duration: All phone cases are print-on-demand. It takes about one week to print and 2 weeks to ship to western countries. In your country, the order will be delivered by your local post office. If you don't receive anything 14 days after shipping day (usually because no one is at home when a mailman visits), please contact your local post office asap, where your package will be stored for a while. Leaving your package in a post office for too long will cause the package to be returned to the original shipper. Should that happen, you'll have to pay for returning shipping fee and can choose to resend with additional shipping fee, or to refund for non-customized order but  shipping fee will be deducted. 

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